So, Now I Have A Blog

Hello, I’m Joseph Dear, and this is my blog, 3-Ring Binder.

Since most blogs are just people talking about themselves, I’m going to start of by doing it on purpose. So, here’s a few things you should know about me:

– I am a Christian, and I don’t just mean my parents took me to church as a kid and I’m white so I must be Christian. No, I really do believe in and worship the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the Lord God Almighty. Much of what I talk about will center around this. I am one of those wackos, but the kind who people like, not the kind who scream “God hates Fags” at funerals.

– I can be very direct and upfront, but if I do so, it’s probably on purpose. It’s not my natural inclination to be blunt.

– I am really odd; many dig it, a few are put off. I’m not socially inept, I’m just really awkward.

– Sometimes, I go there.

– I speak in hyperbole and satire; I’m not nearly as bitter as I might sound.

– I love animals. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll gleefully eat meat until the cows come home, but I hate cruelty to animals. Man is above other animals (sorry to offend you PETA), but they hurt and bleed too, and we must remember that.

– Most people think I’m a pretty funny guy. There are two kinds of funny guys. First, there are those who are actually really deep and insightful and think far more deeply and seriously about things than normal, more “serious” people. Then there are those who are desperately unhappy and kill themselves with drugs and obesity. Despite my girth, I like to think I’m the former.

– I’m pretty moderate politically. I have opinions, but I’m not that guy who ruins a nice evening with arguments over politics.

– I’m not a child.

– If you read something I say, and interpret it one way, and I say “no, I meant this…” then I really really did mean “this.” How much clearer can I be?

– I’ve never had a blog before, so I there might be a few growing pains at first.

– I hate bad arguments, but I especially hate those who are rude or mean about it.

– Brothers and sisters, a serious theological discussion is not the place to rebuke harshly. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean that he is sinning. Save it for when someone is sleeping with his stepmother.

– I make biblical references a lot, like the one above (the issue of a man sinning by sleeping with his stepmom is brought up in the book of 1 Corinthians in case you didn’t know).

– Did I mention I’m a Christian?

– When my mother gave birth to me, it took 4 times as with long as my older sister. Brevity was literally lost on me at birth.

– If it is sin then it is sin, but let us not forget, if it is not sin, then it is not sin.

– I say lots of things that make a lot more sense later.

– I’m willing to say what pisses you off, not because I like quarrels (they actually make my stomach hurt), but because you’ll thank me later.

– I love music. I play the drums.

– Jesus commands us to love everyone by default, and to love fellow believers even more (I don’t take the title of brother or sister as just a label). If I don’t live up to that, that is my failure. Love is the most important thing. As a child of God, that’s how I roll.

– If you like my blog, and read it, you’ll figure out a lot more about me 🙂

(Originally published 02/22/2009: Immaterial changes have been made)


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